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A snapshot of events hosted by Purple Movie Town.

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    Dada Book Launch

    Purple Movie Town presents Dada book which was launched on 26th May by eminent sports journalist and writer Mr.Gautam Bhattacharya, Actress Jaya Ahesa....

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    Flipkart Dadagiri Season 6

    One of the best and most popular quiz show in India

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    Dadagiri Season 6

    Dadagiri Season 6 with a completely fresh new look and new concept SHAPATH

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    Srimoti Champion

    The modern popular game show hosted by one and only Ananya Chatterjee

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    Shonge Srijit

    The most popular celebrity talk show where truth is discovered.

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    Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2015

    SaReGaMaPa 2015 with new concept of three jonors of music light, classical and folk and judged by the melody maker Shantanu Moitra, rock guru Palash S....

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    Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2014

    SaReGaMaPa 2014 the most popular music talent show in India hosted by Jishu Sengupta.

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    Dadagiri Season 5

    Dadagiri Season 5 the most watched quiz show anchored by our very own Dada Sourav Ganguly