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The movie town offers around 21 ready locations. By re-organizing some of the peripherals on each of these sets the look of the set can be radically altered to give film a tailored look.

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    Hotel Room Shooting Sets

    New Hotel Room Sets For Shooting which change the experience of Film Making at Purple Movie Town

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    Modern cafeteria with enough sitting space.

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    The roof top and area of about 4000 sq feet can be used to fit one's storyline as required. Set in the serene locale of Bengal a star spangl....more

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    Multispeciality Hospital

    A super specialty hospital with looks, fixtures and furnishings that will take away your breath. It only needs the doctors, nurses and patie....more

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    Government Type Hospital Dormitory

    This hospital is the correct picture of the over crowded dormitory that one needs for scripts. Small, rows and rows of beds huddled together....more

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    Restaurant Cum Bar

    The restaurant cum bar is being used widely in many films and serials for its versatility. It is not at all recognizable in many of the film....more

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    Railway Platform

    The railway platform is a delight with the train parked beside it and can be used creatively.

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    AC 2 Tier Coach

    For those scripts with an air-conditioned travel in the storyline we have a 2 tier AC coach. The look, feel and color schemes will not betra....more